The creative space opens its doors with the launch of the non-gender garment Z-4 by KAFTAN</strong >, a garment that reaffirms the spirit of the brand, a brand of creators for creators, where gender or artistic style does not matter, for KAFTAN creation has no limits.

This space had the participation of TECK24 and PAOLA ROJAS.

The work of TECK24 is a proposal of form, letter and texture that from the abstract seeks to evidence the
vitality, harmony and power of nature.

The artist plays with movements, directions and textures collected and reinterpreted from the city, to imbue the very lines of his lyrics with meaning, lyrics that have been developed since the year 2000 to be containers in turn for discourses and ideas as complex or absurd as life itself.

The photographic exhibition of Paola Rojas, Without fear Without fear, showed us that the body is a map ready to be explored.

This is a series of photographs in which the body and the skin are rediscovered and assumed from their most natural humanity, to their most constructed and cultural conception, as an object of desire through imaginaries and jargon.

More than an exhibition, it is an invitation to recognize our body without fear.

KAFTAN CREATOR, is the space that brings together creators, on this occasion around 150 attendees learned about the Z-4 overalls, which represents the spirit of the new creator and was designed as a non-gender garment for people who express themselves through their work, who have a free style and with what they do they inspire others to create. Creators seek in artistic expression a way to contribute to the world.

More information: @kaftanweb
Artists: @teck24 @paolarojash


Exhibition open to the public from Oct 25 to Nov 30, 2018.